Our Team


Nikos Manouselis

Founder & CEO

Leading the company to deliver its mission to find, connect & deliver agriculture and food information worldwide. Strategically positioning Agroknow as a global leader in agricultural data management and discovery


Giannis Stoitsis

Partner and Innovation Advisor

Develops data products for agricultural & food sector using advanced technologies for data aggregation, data management, discovery & visualization


Babis Thanopoulos

Business Development Leader

Responsible for the Account Management & Customer Relationships of Agroknow, with particular focus on customer satisfaction; aligning the departmental tasks with Agroknow’s overall goals


Kostas Kastrantas

Senior Project Manager

Advising the development, adaptation and deployment of tools and services for targeted communities


Francesca Tsaropoulou

Administrative Assistant

Performing multifaceted general office support, ensuring the smooth implementation of the company's operational processes.


Panagiotis Ζervas

Senior Project Manager

Responsible for (a) R&D projects' coordination and implementation, as well as (b) planning resources for the timely and within budget completion of R&D projects.


Maritina Stavrakaki

Research Project Manager

Leading and managing the ‘Viticulture Baby Theme’, sharing knowledge across the departments, assisting in various projects


Pythagoras Karampiperis

Research Director

Develops the long-term research strategy, in close collaboration with the Business Development and Operations departments, coordinates overall research activities, establishes and maintains communication with academic and research institutions.


Nikoletta Nikolopoulou

Finance Assistant

Performing finance office support, ensuring the smooth implementation of the company's operational processes.


Panagis Katsivelis

Data Management Associate

Designing and implementing software solutions for data discovery and visualization; working in close collaboration with other teams & departments; ensuring the good and continuous operation of the data discovery tools and services


Thodoris Kontogiannis

Account Manager

Monitoring & updating the Agroknow Contacts database, conducting Market Analysis and facilitating customer satisfaction via bridging the gap between customer needs and respective Agroknow products/solutions on offer


Jenny Kesoglidou

IT Cloud Assistant

Providing IT support to the whole Agroknow team, contributing to the management of the Agroknow web and cloud tools, network and databases